Biographical Sketch

Dr. Dana Godek is an education administrator with over twenty years of experience in public school systems and policy implementation. Dr. Godek is the Administrative Director for Special Projects for the 10th largest school district in the United States. She frequently speaks on the topic of disadvantaged children and the impact of policy and budget. Her talks are delivered through personal narrative and professional expertise. Her research agenda addresses federal educational programs, large-scale educational reform, social emotional learning, and strategic resource development. Dana holds a B.S. in Elementary Education, M.S. in Reading Education, and an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in not-for-profit development. She is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE).

A professional skeptic, she works to challenge the status quo in public education policy. She lives in Palm Beach County, FL with her husband, son, sister, nephew,  and two cats.

Photo Credit: Ileana Alberti, 2017